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Saturday, 13 August 2011

Take it Easy! 0.1.1 (v0.1.1) Android Apk Game

Take it Easy! v0.1.1
Requirements: Android 2.1+
Overview: Attention! VERY complicated maze! There are three ways to get it:
1.C through teleports.
2.C using the.
3.I do both.
Use with (In later levels will replenish the number of possibilities.) Teleporters, moving platforms, doors ..
I've broken down into different types of AIC. Since the menu is not included in the game.
There LowSetting, MediumSetting, HighSetting. Well here everything is clear. You can check your animal. I have a terrible lag on High, but runs. In some places, less so where the load is like. Lag badly at the start ...

The essence of the game that would go zaklyuchaetsya maze.
Home - Yellow circle.
Finish - Green circle.
Later add the timer. And perhaps Points to unlock the finish. Ie It should be a certain number of points to open the finish

Download Instructions:
LowSetting :

MediumSetting :

HighSetting :

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