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Monday, 15 August 2011

App Locker II: Fake Crash 2.6.3 (v2.6.3) Android Apk App

App Locker II: Fake Crash v2.6.3
Requirements: Android OS 1.6 - 2.3
Overview: App Locker II protect your private application artfully

What's the best app protector? Strong password? Of course NOT. The best proector would let prier not be aware of any protection. App Locker II is one such protector to protect your private apps.

When launching a protected app, it will throw a fake crash error which may mislead guest user into thinking that your app has a glitch or something. So it can stop guest from using your protected app in a natural manner.

But owner can clear it through several secret ways, also including password protection.

Download Instructions: Full version.


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