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Sunday, 14 August 2011

gNewsReader v0.09(16) S Symbian^3 Signed{Qt based slim Google Reader App}

gNewsReader is Google reader client written in QML and utilizing QT-Components.

Some of the features include

1) Unread count display - option to filter by unread count in subscription list view

2) Subscription list shows sections for tags, feeds can be directly unsubscribed using long press menu

3) Uses Google OAut2 protocol for authorization, application does not store google id and password

4) gzip compression support for faster data download from Google Reader server. reduces data download size also quite a bit.

5) Use of QML WebView? for browsing the Feed Item contents for a richer and faster scrolling view

6) Read status automatically synched when viewing feed item detail page. support starring, share and like options

UPDATE (12-Aug-2011) - New 0.9.16:
- mark all as read for folder/tag in long press menu, unread indicator icon in feed list, subscribe to new feed (paste supported), send to instapaper/read it later, some minor bugfixes

NOTE: Looks like QT-COMPONENTS sis file is not installed by smart installer.

Download: gNewsReader 0.09(16) Symbian3 Signed{Qt based slim Google Reader App}

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