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Saturday, 17 September 2011

{android}EasyTether Pro v1.0.1{HACKED BY GNIMOI}

EasyTether Pro v1.0.1
Requirements: for all Android versions
Overview: Shares your phone Internet connection with computer/laptop/notebook (Windows 7/Vista/XP 64-bit/32-bit, Mac OS X 10.4/10.5/10.6, Ubuntu 10.4+). EasyTether works via USB.


Full app allows https - access to secure sites such as facebook, gmail, online banking etc.

Full app allows you to tether ps3, xbox 360, wii via your PC - enable Internet Connection Sharing on your computer for that.

Tether PS3 Wii XBox via PC ICS

Recent changes:
Fixes another rare "connection dropped" problem, strongly recommended if your phone data connection is very fast (more than 4 Mbps).
As for the notification icon, this ongoing notification (well, the underlying mechanics) is the only way to protect against a very aggressive built-in task killer (the common reason for connection drops) in the latest Android OS versions

More Info:


Download Instructions: 
Thanks for z3ro's instructions
On the phone...
1. Uninstall all other versions of EasyTether first.
2. Install the APK.
3. Tap "Unlock version". A dialog box will pop up with your IMEI.

On the PC...
4. Open a command prompt.
5. CD to where you extracted the file.
6. From the command line, execute . Be sure to enter it in exactly as it appears on the phone, since it is case-sensitive.
7. Enter the 5-digit number the keygen shows into EasyTether on your phone.
8. Done!


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